In these Terms and conditions, Chopin International is also referred to as ‘we’



Chopin International is always open and you can shop at any time. However, we may be required to close the online shop for maintenance. It is only possible to make a purchase when Chopin International is open and available.

In order to shop at Chopin International, you must be 18 years of age and possess a valid payment card of a type acceptable to Chopin International as means of payment. If you have not yet reached the age of 18, you may still purchase items provided you have obtained the consent of your guardian or otherwise have a legal right to make a purchase.

All prices include VAT and other taxes. We use GLS International as our method of delivery. You have to pay for delivery and returns. The price depends on which country you order from.

Depending on type of payment you choose, there may occur payment fees.

If you choose to exercise your right of cancellation, you yourself are liable for any return expenses. Any return payments will be credited to the card used for the transaction.

Chopin International only delivers to Sweden, Finland, Germany, Polen, United kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg,  and France. However, Chopin Charlottenlund delivers to Denmark.

If you create an account, you will be able to see previous orders and the status of your current orders.

You select the items you wish to purchase and add them to the ‘shopping basket’. You can edit the content of the basket until you place your order and you can continually check the content as well as item prices. Any extra payments, e.g. for shipping or payment card fees, will be calculated just before you are ready to pay, depending on the options you choose.


Confirmation of your order

After you have placed an order at Chopin International, you will receive an automatically generated copy of the order with the entered data. You will usually receive this automatically generated copy within five minutes. If you do not receive the confirmation, you may have entered an incorrect email address or your email program may have discarded it.

Please note that the email is not a binding agreement for delivery of the ordered items but merely an automatically generated email listing your selections and entered data. You have not entered into a purchase agreement until you receive the item. If the item breaks or the parcel gets lost during delivery, the agreement is not binding. Further details are available in the sections on disclaimers and payment!


Cancellation of an order

Your order may be cancelled by us for several reasons. E.g., if there is an error in the entered delivery address, the order will be cancelled automatically. It may also be that the item you ordered is the last one we have on stock but fails our quality inspection due to a defect in the item. Regardless of the reason, you will always receive an email notifying you of the cancellation.

Once your order has been created and approved, there is nothing to prevent shipment of your parcel. Therefore, if you regret your purchase after it has been made, you must exercise your right of cancellation. Further details are available in the section on right of cancellation!



Chopin International accepts payment via Dankort, Visa/Dankort, Visa, Visa electron, Mastercard, Eurocard, JCB, Maestro and MobilePay.

In the event of large orders, we may require a credit check. Payment for the ordered items will not be withdrawn from your account until we dispatch the items. We are not entitled to withdraw an amount larger than the amount approved by you when you placed your order.


Pricing policy

All prices include VAT and taxes. Prices are current prices and an item’s price may change at a later date, e.g. during a sale. Therefore, no compensation will be given if you have previously purchased an item at a higher price or you subsequently discover that the item has a different price.

Total and volume discounts. If you have been given a total or volume discount, this applies to the total transaction after return of any items. If you purchase two items at a discounted price for the two and then return one of the items, you will lose the aggregate discount. Also: If you have been given a 10% (€ 20) discount, which is granted on purchases over € 200 and you return items resulting in a final price of €100 for your total transaction, you will lose the entire discount of €20.

Discount codes cannot be accumulated but must be used individually. Therefore, a discount or discount code cannot be combined with other discounts or discount codes.



Many of our items are manufactured specifically for us based on an order placed six to nine months earlier. For this reason, it is not possible to reorder once the item has sold out. Therefore, we accept no liability for stock differences.


Product pictures

We are not able to take into account the quality of a user’s screen or video card or the individual user’s settings for these. Therefore, you should be aware that there may be some differences in colours/shades depending on the screen you use. We accept no liability for colour differences in pictures.



Please sign up to our newsletter if you want to be certain to receive the latest information regarding new styles, special offers and sale. We send approx. one newsletter a week on average. You can unsubscribe at any time from every newsletter you receive from us.


Log statistics and personal details

We use log statistics. This means that a statistical system collects information that can give us an idea of how many visitors we have to our website, where they come from, where they enter and leave the site, etc. Log statistics are used on the site to optimize our website and improve usability.

No personal details registered on the site will ever be transferred, sold or made available to third parties. All data are stored securely and only available to trusted employees at our company. We use Epay for electronic payment, using a secure, encrypted method via the webshop system.

The site uses so-called cookies to control the content of the shopping basket. A cookie is merely a name for a file that is stored on your own computer. It is also possible to ask the system to save your own address details for your next visit. If you wish to delete these details at a later date, simply delete the files in ‘history’ on your computer. These cookies are purely used to recognize your computer.

When you register a purchase, we ask for your name, address, telephone number and email address. This information is used solely to process your order. The details are transmitted and stored electronically in an unencrypted format and are stored for five years. Orders and invoices are stored by us in such a way as to allow you to log on later and view or change status.

We register the IP address from which a purchase is made. This information is not usually used but can, if necessary, be used in a police investigation. All fake orders will be reported to the police!

As a registered user of our site, you are always entitled to object to registration. You are also entitled to inspect the information registered about you. These rights are protected by the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and any enquiries in this regard should be directed to us as the data administrators.



There are several links where you can read about Cookies. When using this site you consent to our use of cookies. You will need to do this to ensure that our online shop works without problems.

A cookie is a small data file that we store on your computer to keep track of what happens during your visit, to be able to recognise your computer and to allow you faster page loading. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses.


You have a right of cancellation of 14 days from the day on which the item is at your disposal*.

According to the Danish Act on E-Commerce, to exercise your right of cancellation you must notify us in a clear statement no later than 14 days after the date on which the item is at your disposal, cf. EU directiv of June 2014. You can use this Cancellation form. for this purpose. We expect you to send the items back to us as soon as possible after you have notified us of your cancellation, and no later than fourteen (14) days after you have cancelled.

*The date on which the item is at your disposal is calculated from the day on which the item(s) is delivered pursuant to the selected delivery method. E.g. if you have selected ‘ParcelShop’ or another collection point, this will be calculated from the day on which your item is available for collection. You cannot cancel your transaction by refusing receipt or failing to collect the parcel within the 14 days before it is returned. If you return the parcel, you must pay both for the return and resending. When you partially cacel your order your shipping cost wil not be reimbursed.


The condition of the item when you return it

You are only liable for any decrease in the value of the item if the item is handled in a manner other than that which is required to establish the type and characteristics of the item as well as the way in which it works. In other words: you may test and try out the item in the same way as you would in our, or in any other, physical shop. If the item has been tested or tried out in some way other than described above, it will be considered used. This means that, if you cancel the purchase, we will only return part of the purchase sum or none, depending on the trade value of the item.

Consequently, in order to receive the entire purchase sum, you must only do what you are permitted to do in a physical shop. You are only entitled to test or try out the item. You may not actually use it. You must not damage or wash the item, nor must you cut off tickets, tags, etc. As a customer, you are liable for any treatment of the item that detracts from the item’s brand new appearance and impairs our potential for obtaining the full price for the item. Decrease in value is assessed in % and will be deducted from the amount returned to you. In the event of partial cancellation of your transaction, no delivery costs or fees will be refunded.

In the same way as in a shop, the seal on nylon stockings must not be broken. Therefore, there is no right of cancellation if the seal has been broken. The decrease in value will be 100%. Visit for further information about an item's condition or decrease in value.


When you receive your parcel

When you receive your parcel, in addition to the purchased items it will contain a note explaining the returns procedure and a receipt/invoice. You need to return the receipt/invoice if you wish to exchange or return an item within the right of cancellation period or if you wish to submit a complaint about an item at a later stage. Therefore, it is important that you do not throw away the receipt/invoice. We use damp-proof recycled packaging, and we suggest that you hold onto the packaging in case you would like to return any items.


We cannot accept.

  • items that are returned cash on delivery or items that are not returned to our address. Regardless of the method of delivery, the return parcel must be delivered to our address.
  • items returned from outside the EU, since a customs clearance fee is added to such items and charged to the recipient! We will refuse to accept such parcels!


If you do return a parcel too late

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept return of items after the right of cancellation period. Therefore, please do not return items after expiry of this period. In principle, items returned after expiry of the right of cancellation period will not be credited.

If you wish us to resend the parcel to you, a charge will be added. The shipping charge is € 20. If you return the item(s) a few days late and we, nonetheless, choose to accept the return, you will be charged with the shipping costs and an FSR fee of 10% of the price of the item(s), however no less than €10. The amount will be deducted from your reimbursement.


How do i return my canceled order?

According to the EU law It´s up to you, the customer, how you choose to return your package.

You must send the parcel to our business address at Chopin, Jægersborg Allé 17, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark. You must select a form of delivery that ensures delivery to this business address.

As a customer, you are responsible for the return shipment to us, regardless of the method of delivery you choose. Therefore, we recommend that you choose insured shipment with Track & Trace in case your return parcel should not reach us.

The return procedure...

  1. Use the recycled packaging in which you received our items and remove all previously affixed packing labels, including any bar codes.
  2. Pack the items neatly and include the receipt in the parcel. Attach the packing label from your selected delivery service
  3. Send the parcel to our business adress, CHOPIN, Jægersborg Allé 17, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark.


Reimbursement for returned items

When we receive the item, we will inspect it and reimburse the amount you paid when you purchased the item. Please note that you may lose the purchase amount, either in whole or partly. This will be the case if we believe the item has decreased in value while in your possession. This may be because you have used the item or the item was damaged while you were liable for the item. In such cases, the item must be priced for resale as a second-hand item.

You will typically be reimbursed within 3 to 5 days after we receive your return parcel. Please note that selected options will not be refunded if items are returned. This also applies to the method of payment. It is free of charge to use Dankort, eDankort or MobilePay. However, if you select a more expensive option such as PayPal (3,4%), this fee will not be refunded when you return items. In the event of partial cancellation of your transaction, no delivery costs or fees will be refunded. Pursuant to the Danish Act on E-Commerce, any reimbursement must be credited to the payment card, or using the method of payment, you used for the transaction. E.g. if you used Mastercard to pay for the item, reimbursement will be credited to the same Mastercard and not to your bank account. If you used PayPal, reimbursement will be credited to PayPal. .


Return of your parcel if you have given wrong adress or it is not collected from the parcel shop

Please note! If you write your wrong delivery address in checkout so your package cannot be delivered, please be aware that you have to pay the freight as well as the return freight.

The right to complain

According to Article 83 of the Danish Sale of Goods Act, you have the right to complain about a product for 24-month. This means that you are entitled to complain about a defect in the product that arises within 24 months of your receipt of the item.

You must give notice of the defect as soon as you detect it, otherwise you waive the right to complain. Consequently, you must react within a ‘reasonable time frame’, and you may not use the item after you have detected the defect.

You must include the original receipt/invoice in your return parcel. This is crucial to enable us to compensate you in the event of manufacturing defects.

If we are able to confirm that the fault in the product is due to a manufacturing defect, we will cover reasonable return expenses, however no more than DKK 49. If we ascertain that the fault is not due to a manufacturing defect, you must cover any return or re-forwarding expenses yourself. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact our Support if you believe you have a right to claim compensation. Support will help you assess whether the fault may be due to a manufacturing defect so that, as the customer, you do not incur any unnecessary transport charges. This is MERELY a guideline. We are always willing to inspect the fault in the product and, therefore, you are always welcome to send a complaint.

Ship it to Chopin Charlottenlund, Jægersborg Allé 17, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark, Ref; a number you receive from our support.

If you believe that you have cause for complaint, please write to

Following questions must be considered: 

  • Is there anything wrong with the item or is the defect of significance?
  • Is the defect due to an original fault in the item – a manufacturing defect?
  • Has anything else been agreed upon? Does the item comply with the agreement entered into?
  • Did you yourself cause the fault? Perhaps by using the item incorrectly? Or is the item merely worn?

How do I know that I do not have a claim for compensation?

  • When the defect is due to incorrect use of the item, including incorrect washing or treatment of the item! If it is due to outside influences. If you catch the item on something, causing a run, hole, tear, etc., you have no claim for compensation. Wear and tear, both in general and in a specific place. Small holes made by belt buckles, particularly in silk, are not covered by the guarantee. The fault must be due to a manufacturing defect for you to be eligible to claim for compensation.
  • In principle, there is no guarantee on buttons, sequins, stones, etc. If accessories of this type are attached to the item, additional pieces will be included with the item for you to attach yourself.
  • If you have exposed the item to greater strain that it can be expected to withstand. This could be wear and tear or use without due care. For instance, you should not wear your silk top when do hard physical work
  • If the stitching in a new item is loose, you may mend this yourself, perhaps at a small discount. Ordinary loose threads do not entitle a claim for compensation and you can simply remove them..
  • There is only a guarantee on nylon stockings if there are holes, etc. in the completely new pair you receive. They are not under guarantee if the holes appear after use. Therefore, you should check your nylon stockings before you use them..

Costs and delivery


  1. Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes (provided that you have given the correct email address).
  2. On weekdays, your order will typically be processed within 24 hours and dispatched. You will receive a dispatch email with a tracking number so that you can follow you parcel.
  3. If you have selected delivery to a ParcelShop, you will receive an email from GLS when your parcel is ready for collection. You can always follow your parcel via Track & Trace which is in your invoice.

Freight costs

  • the prices depends of the country and delivery service you choose. You can see all freigt costs in checkout.
  • Please note! If you write your wrong delivery address in checkout so your package cannot be delivered, please be aware that you have to pay the freight as well as the return freight.

We do not deliver to countries not possible to choose in the checkout..




We accept no liability for sold-out items, regardless of the reason. It is not considered a purchase agreement until you receive the actual item. If an item cannot be ordered in a certain size, the size in question is sold out. If there are errors in our stock, or several customers buy the same item at the same time, the item may be sold out even though you are actually able to order the item and, therefore, will receive an automatically generated confirmation of your order. We order the large majority of our products many months in advance and they are specially manufactured for us. Therefore, many of our sold-out items cannot be reordered. For this reason, it may not be possible for us to deliver all orders. We accept no liability for pricing errors, regardless of size.

We cannot be held liable for a third party’s actions.

Fraud and Conduct

Chopin Int. and our payment providers use internal fraud fighter systems. Therefore, we reserve the right, from time to time and without stating the reason, to reject an order or a specific customer. Such a rejection may be due to suspicion of fraud with payment cards or items, unpaid orders or any other type of suspicious behaviour on the internet. Any attempts at charge back fraud will be reported to the police! The following should also be noted

  • You may not use the site for criminal activities.
  • You may not breach our copyright or misuse our trademarks.
  • You may not cause inconvenience or unnecessary concern and expense..


All content of Chopin International, including texts, pictures, etc. is protected by the Danish Copyright Act. The content of Chopin International may only be copied or otherwise used on the written consent of Chopin International. However, online bloggers, fashion magazines, etc. are excepted from this provided that they link to a page at Chopin International. If you are a blogger or are working for a fashion magazine and you would like information about our products or permission to use pictures, please contact our customer service.

Unauthorised use of the content of Chopin International will lead to legal proceedings

Copying of pictures for resale, sale of competitive products or use in another webshop will be considered a purchase. The price per copied picture is DKK 5,000.00 without VAT. Please note that the copyright rules apply regardless of where you copy from or who makes the copy for you.

© Copyright Chopin International

Avenues of complaint

You have the option to send a complaint to our customer service or to:

Danish Consumer Complaints Board, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, Telephone 4171 5000, - You can also use the EU Commission’s online complaints portal

Applicable law and venue

Purchase of items at Chopin International is subject to Danish law. Any disputes will be settled by the ordinary Danish courts.

Chopin International details

Chopin International, Jægersborg Allè 17, 2920 Charlottenlund
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