According to Article 83 of the Danish Sale of Goods Act, you have the right to complain about a product for 24-month. This means that you are entitled to complain about a defect in the product that arises within 24 months of your receipt of the item.

You must give notice of the defect as soon as you detect it, otherwise you waive the right to complain. Consequently, you must react within a ‘reasonable time frame’, and you may not use the item after you have detected the defect.

You must include the original receipt/invoice in your return parcel. This is crucial to enable us to compensate you in the event of manufacturing defects.

If we are able to confirm that the fault in the product is due to a manufacturing defect, we will cover reasonable return expenses, however no more than DKK 49. If we ascertain that the fault is not due to a manufacturing defect, you must cover any return or re-forwarding expenses yourself. Therefore, it is a good idea to contact our Support if you believe you have a right to claim compensation. Support will help you assess whether the fault may be due to a manufacturing defect so that, as the customer, you do not incur any unnecessary transport charges. This is MERELY a guideline. We are always willing to inspect the fault in the product and, therefore, you are always welcome to send a complaint.

Ship it to Chopin Charlottenlund, Jægersborg Allé 17, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark, Ref; a number you receive from our support.

If you believe that you have cause for complaint, please write to support@chopin.dk.

Following questions must be considered: 

  • Is there anything wrong with the item or is the defect of significance?
  • Is the defect due to an original fault in the item – a manufacturing defect?
  • Has anything else been agreed upon? Does the item comply with the agreement entered into?
  • Did you yourself cause the fault? Perhaps by using the item incorrectly? Or is the item merely worn?

How do I know that I do not have a claim for compensation?

  • When the defect is due to incorrect use of the item, including incorrect washing or treatment of the item! If it is due to outside influences. If you catch the item on something, causing a run, hole, tear, etc., you have no claim for compensation. Wear and tear, both in general and in a specific place. Small holes made by belt buckles, particularly in silk, are not covered by the guarantee. The fault must be due to a manufacturing defect for you to be eligible to claim for compensation.
  • In principle, there is no guarantee on buttons, sequins, stones, etc. If accessories of this type are attached to the item, additional pieces will be included with the item for you to attach yourself.
  • If you have exposed the item to greater strain that it can be expected to withstand. This could be wear and tear or use without due care. For instance, you should not wear your silk top when do hard physical work
  • If the stitching in a new item is loose, you may mend this yourself, perhaps at a small discount. Ordinary loose threads do not entitle a claim for compensation and you can simply remove them..
  • There is only a guarantee on nylon stockings if there are holes, etc. in the completely new pair you receive. They are not under guarantee if the holes appear after use. Therefore, you should check your nylon stockings before you use them..