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Mos Mosh Lilou puffer down jacket - Black

Sku: 777259001418
Availability:In stock
Washing:30c delicates - Low centrifugation

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ManufacturerMos Mosh
100% LeatherNo
Pants lengthNo
Pants fittingNo

Size guide

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You measure your top or dress by placing your them flat on a tabletop.

  • Breast: Is measured around the widest place. Approx. 1 -2 cm below the armpit.
  • Waist: Is measured around the most narrow place
  • Hips: Is meassured around the widest spot

SizeXS / 34S / 36M / 38L / 40XL / 42XXL / 44
½ chest414345474951
½ waist313335373941


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Return policy

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In the same way as in a shop, the seal on nylon stockings must not be broken. Therefore, there is no right of cancellation if the seal has been broken. The decrease in value will be 100%. Visit for further information about an item's condition or decrease in value.


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We cannot accept.

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If you do return a parcel too late

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